Albuquerque Metal Detector Association
Next Club Meeting:  February 14, 2022
Held at Santa Barbara-Martinez Town Park. Perfect Fall weather, great turnout! Huntmaster and pictures by Tony C.
The 2015 Christmas Party was held December 14th at Furr's Dining. We had an excellent turn out and a great time.
On the weekend of November 7th the club had a special hunt at the old coal mining camp in Van Houton, New Mexico. The camp reached its peak of about 1500 residents around 1915.
The monthly hunt for August was held at a local park located in the far NE Heights. Thanks to Tom Cole for being the hunt master. Pictures by Tony C.
This monthly meeting was held on July 13. Thanks Julie for the photos.
This month's hunt was held at Washington Middle School Park right in the heart of downtown. Thanks to Dave Barber for stepping up to be hunt master. Pictures by Tony C.
The monthly hunt was held at Wildflower Park. 32 members attended. Our hunt master brought out some boxes with unknown objects for us to try and figure out. Thanks Jonathan for the challenge.
This months hunt was held at Montgomery Park. We had 26 members and 1 guest attending. It was a good day and many treasures were found. Thanks to Tom for being the hunt master.