Albuquerque Metal Detector Association
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About AMDA

  Our club is an association of persons interested in recovering relics, coins, and other interesting or valuable items from the past, compiling records and preserving historic data. We also provide recreational activity and companionship for our members. In addition, we frequently provide a service to the community in finding lost items of value and importance. At each meeting members may bring their finds from the previous month for show and tell. Our club strives to improve the public image of detector users and other amateur historical/collectors. We therefore abide by the Treasurer Hunter's Code Of Ethics. Our Annual Hunt is the club highlight of the year. We get together with our families for a picnic and the members join in for a Treasure Hunt. The Officers consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The term of office for officers is one year. The Executive Board consists of the officers and an Executive Committee of five elected members. Officers and board members are elected at the December meeting. Our newsletter is published monthly, keeping members informed about club and other activities. The newsletter is sent to all members by e-mail, or members may download it off our website. The treasurer has membership application forms available. Annual club dues are $25.00 for individual memberships and $35.00 for family memberships, payable to the treasurer.